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My name is Sean and I'm looking to create a truly local internet-based radio station for the Worcestershire and Wyre Forest area.

Radio Worcestershire will operate in the same way as FM Radio but as an internet-based radio station it's not costly as FM and DAB and not governed by Ofcom.

Worcestershire has 3 radio stations broadcasting from Worcestershire, Free Radio (Wyvern), Youthcomm Radio & BBC Hereford and Worcester, Going back a few years we also had Sunshine 954/1530 (Classic Hits 954 & 1530) and more recently 107.2 The Wyre, now Signal 107 (4 stations merged and broadcasting from Wolverhampton).

Radio Worcestershire will be looking at attracting 25 to 44-year-old living or visiting the Worcestershire area supplying them with news information and entertainment. the station will play all styles of music from the 1960s to the present day, also broadcast live from local events and celebrations, compare local events such as carnivals, fetes and more.

Radio Worcestershire will also promote local bands & singers in our New Music show

If Radio Worcestershire sounds of interest to you and would like to get involved, advertise or help promote us then please get in touch. Even if you are only interested as a listener, We would still like to receive your comments.

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